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Innova Tours:

Innova Tours is a new tourism agency, specialized in tours around Amsterdam and its surroundings. Our commitment is to offer our clients an entertaining, detailed and historical vision of Amsterdam or the cities they will visit with us.

And to achieve this objective we have created with conscience and effort routes that will help you know not only its historical depth but also data regarding its organization, inhabitants, folklore, etc.

Welcome to Amsterdam

Welcome to our beautiful city, located in the North of the Netherlands. We look forward to your visit and hope that with our information about Amsterdam, you have a pleasant time.

Amsterdam is a city with narrow streets, charming bridges, and canals. It is a city with a lot to do, see or visit. Among its most emblematic places are the Stock Exchange, the Royal Palace, The Begijnhof, the Flower Market, etc. The architecture of the Dutch Golden Age, captured in a very characteristic way in its houses.

A city full of mysteries, legends and stories that leave all of us who visit it mute, commerce a stable and progressive economy. 

For this and many more reasons, we are delighted to accompany you to get to know our city and its surroundings.

Innova Tours

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