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We offer different tours, from free walking tours to boat and car tours with different prices. Our tours are also pet friendly. We also have special tours for people with disabilities.

We currently have free tours in Spanish, Italian and English.


Free Walking Tour of the Historic Center of Amsterdam 

On this tour, you will get an overview of the city and a bit of its history, some details on how this unique city was born. We will visit emblematic places such as Beurs van Berlage, Royal Palace, and De Begijnhof. During the tour, we will also be able to appreciate, the architecture of the Dutch Golden Age, embodied in a very characteristic way in their houses.

On this tour, we will also be able to appreciate one of the busiest areas of the city, since it is here where the commercial and tourist streets are located. If you feel like buying a drink, we can do it in a cafeteria, a well-known bar on the tour or in the same places that we will visit or you can simply bring your "lunch box".

As it is a private visit, the itinerary can be agreed upon at the beginning of the tour to adapt it to the client's wishes, always considering its duration.

To carry out this Free Tour we need at least 5 participants.

Amsterdam Canals Tour and Walking Tour in the North of the city

The city is crossed by a wide network of canals and enjoying a night cruise is a highly recommended activity at night when everything is transformed and the night lighting gives it a totally different look.

The cruise offers you the possibility to get to know the city and its attractive bridges, monuments, museums, etc.

Then you will have the opportunity to visit the north of the city, to know the most alternative neighborhood of Amsterdam, from there you will discover the most modern area, where the industry used to be concentrated.

Today, artists and modern youth have populated the area, making it the perfect combination of urban and creative.

This neighborhood is sustainable, you will find avant-garde architecture, a place with ample leisure areas with its cafes and restaurants, where festivals and parties are held throughout the year.

The boat tour will take about one hour and the walking tour in the north will take about two hours. This tour offers you a perfect combination at night, as you will be captivated by its wonderful illumination.

This activity includes:

Canal boat cruise

Amsterdam Noord Walking Tour


1 - 5 people: 26 euros per person

6-10 people: 23 euros per person

11-15 people: 20 euros per person

16 - More people: 18 euros per person


Rembrandt Walking Tour

On this walking tour you will discover the life of the most important Dutch painter in history, You will be able to tour the streets, monuments and most important places in his life.

On this tour you will visit iconic places such as Rembrandt's house, De Waag or De Westerkerk.

Private Walking Tour of Rembrandt Sites in Amsterdam. Learn about the life and career of Rembrandt van Rijn, one of the great Dutch painters. See where he lived, worked and created masterpieces like "The Night Watch"'.

                                                    OTHERS TOURS

Walking Tour Anne Frank

With this tour you can enrich your knowledge about the early life of Anne Frank. You will visit the wealthy residential area, where Anne lived with her parents and her sister, her first school and her shop where she bought her famous diary. On this tour you will be able to discover Anne's life before she went into hiding. You will visit the streets of Amsterdam-Zuid, a prosperous area of the city, Anne's neighborhood and her family.

Walking Tour Jordaan Neighborhood

On this tour of the Amsterdam Jordaan area, you will be able to see the highlights of this neighborhood accompanied by a guide who will teach you its history and mysteries.
The Jordaan, in addition to being one of the most important points of the city today, is also known historically as the workers' neighborhood, of the working class.
It is very attractive for tourists to be able to experience these two worlds. The Jordaan district of Amsterdam is definitely known as one of the real hotspots of Amsterdam. The origins of this neighborhood date back to the 17th century, where it is believed that it was built for the city's workers and immigrants. Many of these immigrants came from France or nearby countries, and the agricultural part of the city was later called Jardin, which in French means garden. This word eventually changed to Jordaan, the name of the current district.
As a working class neighbourhood, this area ceased to exist in the 1980s. Due to urban renewal, rent prices rose and many of the original inhabitants moved to satellite towns such as Purmerend and Almere. After his departure, the area became the hotspot, attracting students, artists and young entrepreneurs.
In this neighborhood you will find many small streets, idyllic canals, a large selection of restaurants, cafes and bars, as well as a growing presence of galleries and businesses dedicated to visual and manual art.

Walking tour of the Jewish Neighborhood

On this tour you will be able to discover one of the darkest chapters in Amsterdam's history, the destruction of the Jewish community. You'll be able to combine visits to some of the most important monuments of Jewish Amsterdam with an in-depth history lesson on the Nazi occupation, World War II and the Holocaust, this small-group tour provides insights into resistance, tezon and strength of the Jewish community of Amsterdam. To finish, you can also learn about Anne Frank and her diary, before finishing the tour outside the Anne Frank House Museum (entrance not included). With this tour you will visit some of the most important historical places in Amsterdam for the Jewish world. You will be able to learn about the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands between 1940 and 1945. Follow in the footsteps of those who lost their lives in the Holocaust.

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