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Walking Tour Edam, Volendam and Marken

Explore the beautiful Dutch countryside with your guide on this full-day tour from Amsterdam. Discover the charming towns of Marken, Volendam and Edam.
Make your first stop in the charming medieval town of Edam. Visit the old town hall of Edam, the floating winery and the oldest wooden house in the city.
Then take the bus to continue your tour in the beautiful town of Volendam, a famous fishing village. Explore its maze, see its unique fish auction building, and then head to a local cheese shop to try some local cheese.
To finish you can take the boat and enjoy a 45-minute panoramic ride to the island of Marken or simply take the bus again and stroll through the picturesque streets of Marken and enjoy the stunning views of the Markermeer, then visit a local mini museum to discover how the people of Marken lived.

       Walking Tour Zaanse Schans:

With this tour you can enjoy the historic windmills of Zaanse Schans, being a personalized tour with your professional guide from Amsterdam. Learn about cheese making, walk in wooden shoes, see the inside of a working windmill, and see green-painted wooden houses and shops. Zaanse Schans is a real "open-air museum"
A museum that houses not only working windmills, but wooden houses, barns and shops dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries.
You'll be able to discover how Gouda cheese is made and then taste its buttery goodness. See windmills from across the Zaan region dating back to the 18th century. Visit a clog maker and learn more about the traditional wooden shoe.
Admire the elegant homes of wealthy merchants and windmill owners. Learn how windmills were used in the production of cocoa powder and food. Admire its colorful facades painted in traditional shades of green, beige and light blue.

               Walking Tour Purmerend

Purmerend is a city and municipality in the Waterland region, situated between the Dutch Purmer and Beemster polders and is part of the Amsterdam city region. Purmerend is a charming market town, here you can enjoy more than thirty national monuments, museums or take a walk along the historic canals.
Purmerend has a monument route that takes you along the Bierkade and Weerwal, a pier with a rich brewery history and a wall of fun and distinctive looking historic buildings. Other monumental buildings are found in the Koemarkt, an original flat market with different steeple, pointed and framed facades. The Burgerweeshuis is also located here, which served as an orphanage for poor children until the mid-20th century. At the Koemarkt there is a statue of a cow by visual artist Hans Kuyper that evokes memories of the old cattle market. At the Cheese Market you will find the Nicolaaskerk from 1853, also known as the "Great Church". The Lutheran Church is located on Hoogstraat and dates back to 1878. Purmerend Museum you can learn about the Art Nouveau ceramics of this small town and its history.

            Walking Tour Haarlem

Haarlem is a city and municipality in the Netherlands, located on the banks of the Spaarne River. The city officially gained city rights in 1245 and has traditionally been a textile and painting city. This is clearly visible when you walk around the city.
On this tour you will be able to visit the Grote Markt with its imposing town hall, enjoy its canals, streets and alleys in the old center of the city.
With your guide you will not only be able to visit and get to know the city, but they will also inform you about the rich history and its surprising inhabitants. Visit the Haarlem Cathedral Basilica, the Jopen church, see its courtyards, visit a centuries-old pharmacy, etc.

                     Tour Giethoorn

Giethoorn It is a town in the water district at the head of Overijssel, it is known for its bridges, canals and punts. Giethoorn is long and consists of three neighborhoods staggered from each other. In the north is the Noordeinde, followed by the Middenbuurt and finally the Zuideinde. Many houses are built, so to speak, on islands, which can only be reached via bridges. Most of the more than 176 bridges are privately owned.
On this tour you will visit the picturesque Giethoorn with your guide.
You can explore the canals and pedestrian streets of this picturesque town. Drive through the typical Dutch "polders" (land reclaimed from the sea)
You will discover the town of Giethoorn, nicknamed "the Dutch Venice". Like Venice, Giethoorn has many canals and the only way to get around the city is by boat or on foot. Cars are not allowed in the old town, whose history dates back hundreds of years.
Exploring the town with your guide and learning about its unique character and discovering insider tips on great restaurants, shops, local attractions and activities are some of the goals of this tour.
You can also enjoy a relaxing canal cruise and admire the beautiful houses.





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