Other activities in the city

Other activities:

Other activities you can do with us while visiting Amsterdam are: 

-Visit the City Archives

-Visit the Cheese Palace

-Take a canal boat cruise

-Visit the Diamond Museum

Visit to the ''Stadsarchief" (City Archive)

The Stadsarchief (City Archive), is a building named Bazel, located very close to Amsterdam Central Station, just 20 minutes walking or 6 minutes by bicycle, in this "building-museum" you will find all the archival material related to the city of Amsterdam, its entire history and that of its people, outside of this the Stadsarchief (City Archive) also manages material and archives from other institutions such as churches, hospitals, associations and companies. Therefore there are more than 50 kilometers of files and documentation. Therefore we can say that it is the historical documentation center of the city of Amsterdam, it has a historical-topographic collection with millions of drawings, maps and prints.
It has different rooms, including: The exhibition hall, The cinema room, The Information center, The Original studies room, The library, The Treasure room, in this room there are original pieces from archives and collections of historical moments , very decisive for the development of the city.

Visit to Cheese Paradise

The Amsterdam Cheese Palace or Amsterdam Cheese House, is Henri Willig's largest store in Amsterdam and is located on Haringpakkerssteeg, where herring was sold in the 16th century, we can say that it is a museum store. Its employees welcome their customers and visitors dressed in original costumes for a cheese-making demonstration. In addition to the world-famous Edam and Gouda, Henri Willig makes sheep and goat cheeses. Henry Willig cheeses are natural or seasoned with cumin, pepper, fenugreek or sambal. You can try these varieties yourself. In the attractive shop you will also find a wide range of Dutch delicacies and souvenirs.

Canal Boat Cruise

The Amsterdam canal cruise is an activity that you should not miss if you visit Amsterdam, we can say that the canal belt is an absolute beauty and therefore, a must-see! You can take day or night cruises and LOVERS Canal Cruises offers you a wide range of fun, professionally organized canal cruises around Amsterdam. The tour offers you a GPS audio guide available during the cruise in different languages, in addition the Lovers ships have the latest technology for maximum comfort during the cruise, their ships are modern and comfortable, you can also take the free city map on their boats or in their shops, the cruise lasts one hour and you can choose between an open boat or a closed one.

Visit the Diamond Museum

For the most beautiful diamonds, jewelry and luxury watches, a visit to the historic GASSAN Diamonds diamond cutting factory in the center of Amsterdam is almost a must. Here you will find multilingual staff ready to give you a personal tour and tell you everything you want to know about the origin and processing of diamonds, including the exclusive 'GASSAN 121'. 

Amsterdam "The City of Diamonds":

Amsterdam has been known as a city of diamonds for over 425 years and GASSAN Diamonds plays an important role in that history. GASSAN Diamonds was founded by Samuel Gassan just after World War II, in 1945, and specialized in the import and export of rough and polished diamonds. Today, the company is located in a beautifully restored original steam-powered diamond cutting factory in central Amsterdam, built in 1879. 

GASAN 121 :

Diamond cutters have been perfecting the art of craftsmanship for over 400 years. A brilliant cut diamond originally has 57 facets. GASSAN is proud to present a stunning, globally patented cut: GASSAN 121, with no less than one hundred and twenty-one facets. These additional facets give the diamond even more brilliance.

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