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"Amsterdam is a city full of cultural and artistic events, a city full of legends and charm. What I like most about this city is the great diversity of events that I can find throughout the year, from music, song and film festivals to international food and drink festivals. I define myself as a lover of travel, the city (my focus is photography) and a tireless student of history".

Maribel Meijer

Owner and Guide

"My mission is to help you discover our country, traveling along its roads or navigating its canals. In my work, the safety of our clients' trips is the priority. My passion is cars and motorcycles, I will always be present at car events that take place in the city and in the country in general".

Jorne Meijer

Transportation Manager and Guide

                                                                           TOUR GUIDES

"Despite studying veterinary medicine, I have always been a passionate lover for history. I always had the dream of traveling, visiting new places, cultures, people and learning languages. Innova tours means for me the big chance to show the people how deep is my interest on cultures and history, since it is my biggest hobby apart my career. Since I was a kid, I used to read tons about history, geography and culture because I always like to know where I am and where I will go. I have hunger for learning every day, every time and each new person a meet is a new chance to connect, to learn, to enjoy, so I do love meeting new people as I consider myself an outgoing, charismatic, happy and committed person who likes to share and learn about everything. I totally enjoy new talks about culture, languages, experiences, animals' conservation and environment care! My hobbies are swimming, working out, listening to music, learning languages and meeting new people".

Piero Santino Vitolo

"Hello dear tourists and travelers, I am Maribel, I live in Amsterdam. I am a licensed tour guide and also work as a hostess for events and cruises. I have a degree in Social Sciences from the Catholic University of Rome and I also have a Master's degree in Cinema. I speak 4 languages ​​(Spanish, Italian, English and Dutch). I love animals, among my hobbies I love to photograph, film, write and dance. I have been studying Amsterdam for several years, its culture, traditions, history and much more. In my work I have discovered an Amsterdam full of stories, legends, histories and monuments through which different generations have passed.
Walking through its narrow streets, looking at its classic houses or understanding its myths have made possible my mission as one more protagonist of this city that has grown through navigation and commerce.
I have also become a character from the past, as I try to decipher riddles and answer all those questions that just pop into my head. I hope to fill all your expectations and turn my stay in Amsterdam into a trip full of great, unique and wonderful surprises".

Maribel Meijer

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